new things debuting this weekend- pt.1

Just in time for wedding season, I’ll have a slew of beautiful handmade guest books and photo albums to choose from at the NSDCC Summer Show this weekend.

Here are a few sneak peeks:


Crazy Christmas Craft-ness Comedown…

The past few weeks have been a bit of a shit show… As much as you try to prepare yourself for any kind of deadline, there seems to always be insanity right up to the end (maybe this is just me?) As soon as Naryn and I got back form Toronto in September, we hit the ground running; him with his thesis in Architecture and myself with preparing for Xmas crafty business. So, in my supreme naivete, I actually thought I’d be sitting pretty, relaxed and ready to rock for the Crafters Holiday Market…. This was not (and will probably never be) the case… And then, my beloved grandfather passed away, with his funeral landing on the first day of the Halifax Crafters Holiday market, in Montreal…

Super boyfriend and in-laws to the rescue..!

With the unbelievable support of my partner and his folks, I was able to cut out to Montreal for 2 days, visit with my family, say goodbye to my grandpa and have my table set up and looking amazing with a total babe working for me (that’d be Naryn)…

Here’s what the set up looked like!


and here’s a shot of Naryn I took when I finally arrived on Sunday …


The show was amazing! There are so many unbelievably talented people in Halifax it’s incredible… Unfortunately, I couldn’t get around to some of the tables at the market because I wanted hang out at my table for the little bit of time left the market was open. There are so many folks there and it takes time to get around and see it all.

Every year I learn so many new things I should or shouldn’t be doing, what things are working and what aren’t and where I should be putting my energy and this year was no exception. It’s hard not to feel like I should be doing something every second I am able to with all these new ideas brewing…But for now I will relax and drink some rum (and eggnog), read a book and write some music.

Here’s some new ideas I’m thinking about for the new year…

-Teaming up with a photographer and making photo albums and guest books for whatever event they’re shooting

-New fabric boxes.

-Spring workshops

-Themed DIY book kits

…and probably so much more, but I’m on break so it’ll have to wait 🙂