Getting ready for this weekends Halifax Crafters Society TIBS Pop-Up show! I ended up making a line of address books last minute during the holiday season because I had been getting a lot of requests for them and it’s kind of a relief in some ways! It tells me people are still writing letters and sending love through the mail…or maybe just bills and applications or whatever, but you know, a girl can dream.

I did a little photo shoot with my freshly (and terribly!) painted nails… Oooff… I guess there’s a good reason I don’t paint my nails so much…

ADDRESSpromo The digital address book just doesn’t cut it for me, I’ve never been able to use one. Beside’s what happens when your phone falls in the toilet or off a cliff and you lose it all??

Surprisingly I haven’t had an address book in I don’t know how long, so I started using one myself. It was starting to get old asking the same people for their address every couple of months…


I’ve confirmed some dates for a workshop this month:

Friday Feb. 21st 5-9pm

We’ll be making a cloth covered double pamphlet notebooks with recycled paper. Here’s what it looks like:


Cost of the workshop is $35 plus a $25 materials fee. Everyone will leave with at least one book, instructions to make more and a belly full of home made baked goods.

The workshop will be held at the fabulous Plan B Merchants Co-Op on Gottingen St.

Send an email to, visit the Mule Mother Books Facebook page or call (902)478-9843 to sign up.

Spaces are limited, so sign up now!

( poster coming soon 🙂


shows & news

I am up bright and early getting the last bit of things done before I head down to the Cunard Centre to set up for this years NSDCC Christmas show… Here’s the poster!:


This will be my first time taking part in the Christmas Show and I am thrilled to be there this year. If the summer show was any indication, this is going to be a really fantastic weekend! Looking forward to being blown away by the NSDCC members work and reconnecting with some buds I met in the summertime. Not to mention those amazing volunteers! They are pretty spectacular.

A bit of business news:

Mule Mother Books has been approved for funding through the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF)! I have painstakingly spent the last few months working on my first business plan and I had never read sweeter words than those that the program officer had sent me after I submitted my plan. “… it was very detailed and I have rarely seen one with that much precision in the information given, well done!”  I was pretty flabbergasted… and proud of myself, a feeling I don’t often allow to come to the surface. But this time, I’m giving myself a pat on the back because I have worked so hard to make and grow this business despite all the negative thoughts, lack of funds, tiny spaces, back aches and whatever else… I am awesome. ok that’s enough of that.

Anyways, this funding is going to make a huge difference in operations and I am feeling super confident about the next year… hooray!