Springtime can kill you

… If you and your partner run full time small businesses from home, have a toddler not in daycare and want to do any kind of self care, spring cleaning, sleeping, etc. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ( I don’t actually believe that…) and perhaps I am finally finding a groove here!?  (Or is it just that I am presently over caffeinated? Who knows…) 

Naryn and I have joined forces and moved into sharing a studio. His “office” was in our bedroom which meant he couldn’t work while Maple slept and it’s just shitty having your work space staring at you when you wake up in the morning… Working from home is tricky enough! It’s made my space way more efficient actually and I kinda wish we set this up a long time ago… 

This of course triggered rearranging the rest of the house, which is mostly done and there are but a few things left on the spring cleaning list…!

The beginning of this month started  with the Halifax Crafters Spring show. I think this was my fifth year participating and as usual it exceeded expectations and made me want to spend all my money. My booth was set up next to the fabulous Yolande Clark whose blog Bauhaus Wife I’ve followed since I was pregnant with Maple. It was swell to get to meet her and her son and chat a wee bit throughout the weekend. Here are a few pics:

Aside from the show I have been swamped with Polaroid Guest Book orders! I’m so excited to see how these are taking off and I can’t wait to see more used guest books with all the pics and messages filled in… Nothing makes me happier.

Here are a few that I’ve done recently:

Next weekend I’ll be selling at a Happy Hour Market (best kind) at the Company House on Gottingen. It’s going to be a great selection of craftspeople, definitely pop in and check it on your way out for the night! Here’s the FB event:


Author: mulemotherbooks

I own and operate Mule Mother Books- an independent bookbindery specializing in handmade multi purpose books that make life a little more organized. In addition I also do limited edition custom publishing, teach book making workshops and do book repair in my home studio in the North End of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Aside from my full time bookbinding gig, I am a full time momma and part time house cleaner, and as if all this did not keep my busy enough, I also love some good ole home fermentation, making art, diddling stringed instruments and singing a tune... Once upon a time I trained as a jazz vocalist and still thoroughly enjoy busting out my pipes from time to time when the spirit moves me.

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