Yet another post- hiatus blog post

WHOA Murphy…

I thought I’d wait to the exact date a year after my last post but the spirit moved me and I thought it was high time I update this puppy. I’d been trying to get together a website and was devoting too much mental energy and not enough physical energy to it, all the while reasoning that I’d write a new blog post once the website was all together. Life is ever hectic, my friends…

Anyways, here we are. The website is looking good (check it hereand I’m buckling down with a glass of scotch on a Tuesday night (thank you Sue & Celes!!) to write this here post.


First some new new new news: I’m getting interviewed by the Chronicle Herald tomorrow for an article on craftspeople in Nova Scotia. That’s all I really know, will attach a link once I get it.


Wedding season is upon us and one of this years most popular things (in the wedding book world anyways) is a Polaroid Guest Book. I made one for the lovely Jillian at Make Merry Events and she featured it on their blog back in October 2014 (has it been that long?). Have a look at their blog hereBelow are a few that I’ve done in the past few weeks and if you’re interested in getting a book made, have a look in the Etsy shop wedding section here

In other wedding news, I’ve signed on to become a featured vendor on the wedding planning site Emmaline Bride this month. The site has been around since 2009 and has a ton of wedding ideas that cover absolutely any aspect you can imagine. If you’re planning a wedding, I would suggest hitting them up!


I finally finished my wholesale catalog this year. After the holiday rush I got down to it and am in the process of releasing a summer catalog. Send an email if you’re interested in taking a look. I have a PDF version or (for folks in Canada only!) I can mail you a hard copy.

Mule Mother Books can be found in 3 locations here in Nova Scotia, Sweet Brier Boutique, The Independent Mercantile and Made in the Maritimes.


This year I’ve started working with the fabulous duo Topher and Rae of Topher and Rae Studios making large format photo albums for their clients event photography. These books are some of my favourite projects because I get to be a tiny part of the story. It’s been fun finding materials that fit with the photo sets and the luscious images are such a nice change of pace to work with as typically I’m making something blank or with a repetitive template.

If you need a photographer I would highly recommend these two! They are both incredibly easy going and sweet, and their work is dynamic, candid and simply beautiful.

Here are some of the books I’ve done so far:


One last thing before I sign off for another year (just kidding):

I am honoured to announce that I’ll be coming back for my 5th Halifax Crafters Society Spring show this month! The line up is fantastic and I’m xcited to be back amongst some incredible makers… This show is always a blast, you don’t want to miss it if you’re around! They’re also always looking for volunteers so hit them up if you’d like to participate.