weekend trip to the country!

If you’re in this neck of the woods this coming weekend (the 1st of June) swing by the Avon River Heritage Society Museum in Newport Landing for Heritage Artists in Action! Myself along with two other talented craftspeople from Nova Scotia will be demonstrating our crafts, selling our wares and answering your questions! A great opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes and in the studio.


Heritage Artists in Action 2014


Ooofff… Really fallen off the blogwagon. It got to a point where it had been so long since my last post that I got anxiety just thinking about updating it… So I’m facing the challenge today and slowly getting back into the swing of all things interweb.

To start… a workshop happened! Which was now 3 months ago… Seems like just yesterday…

I was joined by 3 lovely gals at Plan B on Gottingen St. in Halifax. We set up amongst the shops wonderful clutter of vintage and antique ephemera and got to work making some 2 subject notebooks.  Not the best at taking pictures, I took a whopping 2 photos, this one wasn’t blurry…



I was planning for a workshop the end of May but here we are at the end of May and it just  wasn’t mean to be this month! Thinking about late July/ early August for the next one. If you’d want to join in on the next one, give me a shout (mulemotherbooks@gmail.com)! This next workshop will be out of my home studio and spread out over two or three Sunday afternoons.

In April, Mule Mother took part in its third Halifax Crafters Spring Market … Third? No, second… Either way, such a lovely show with some incredible talent.



The place gets jam packed with folks, the music is always super and there’s always great coffee and food! I look forward to hopefully getting into the Christmas show because it’s always so wonderful, but ohmygolly that is so far away and I don’t even want to think about winter right now… There are some great pictures of the market on Facebook that were taken by Devon Berquist from DB Photography. Go have a look and like her page while your at it!

So other than these events, I’ve just been a hermit in the studio since February. Here are some projects:



These shots are from a custom set of three sketchbooks I did for local artist, Daina Scarola. Daina has just left on an amazing year long road trip to South America and she is using the sketchbooks to make a drawing/painting a day. She chose some beautiful Fabriano 140lb cold press watercolour paper for the text block and some colourful fabric for me to make book cloth out of. I used linen asahi book cloth to cover the rest of the book, put in a front and back pocket for all those little things that you pick up along the way and an elastic to keep it all together. Here are the books, numbered I,II,III on the spine with some scrap leather.

2014-05-03 16.28.01

2014-05-03 16.28.27

This next book is has one of my favourite material combinations. I have mysteriously misplaced the nice images I took so these are from my phone. The eggplant and grey look so lovely together. This is a photo album and guest book for a lovely Halifax couples’ wedding next week.

2014-05-06 14.36.28

The metal corners were actually changed to nickel instead of bronze, but you get the idea. The little label is an acetone transfer on the grey suede.

These wedding photo albums were done for a local couple who I met at the HFX Crafters Spring Market. They were really into the Japanese stab binding so I did up two books that matched the colourful silky colours they had at the wedding.




 I’ve been getting so many requests for linen wedding books! It’s no wonder I think, the linen is classic and goes with just about any aesthetic. I dig it.


I’ve finally got it together to make up some gift certificates! Available on Etsy for any amount, they make the perfect gift for when you just can’t decide. (Especially wedding gifts!)


So lastly, I’m getting myself ready for an awesome and fun filled June starting with some much needed family visits, a trip to Montreal, a family wedding, a music festival and the Avondale Art Fair! Trying to get all my stock ready before family arrives and keeping myself busy with a good amount of custom stuff. Also working on a squarespace site, so more on that soon.