i can be pretty unobservant….


I made a pretty silly mistake on the workshop poster… The date is wrong… Well, wrong in the sense that Thursday the 21st of Feb. in the year 2014 does not exist…. it is supposed to say FRIDAY the 21st.

Oy vey…. Here is the updated poster……….


Mule Mother’s Etsy shop is back in action

Finally putting some long awaited energy into the shop….I’ve had it with the sad looking page!

I’ll be posting things throughout the day, so go ahead and take a peek… (click on the screen shot and it’ll take you there!)

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 11.30.44 AM

tibs pop up and other glorious february things

So this past weekend I took the ferry across to Dartmouth to join the Halifax Crafters Society at Two If By Sea cafe for the second Pop-Up Show, this time….in the key of love. A good time was had by all, love was successfully spread in the form of crafty goodness and sweet tunes from CKDU. Here are some photos from the day

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Looking forward to the next pop-up!


This months workshop is already filling up, so if you’re in Halifax and interested, email ASAP!


and one last thing!

Just a few more days till Valentines Day, grab a DIY Love Kit at Plan B Merchants Co-op on Gottingen St. or at Mule Mother’s studio on Falkland St. (just drop a line first!)


You don’t know love till you’ve made a book with your sweetheart.

Or read one out loud with.

Or written one together.

This just made me think of that John Waters quote…


I couldn’t agree more my strange friend.


Getting ready for this weekends Halifax Crafters Society TIBS Pop-Up show! I ended up making a line of address books last minute during the holiday season because I had been getting a lot of requests for them and it’s kind of a relief in some ways! It tells me people are still writing letters and sending love through the mail…or maybe just bills and applications or whatever, but you know, a girl can dream.

I did a little photo shoot with my freshly (and terribly!) painted nails… Oooff… I guess there’s a good reason I don’t paint my nails so much…

ADDRESSpromo The digital address book just doesn’t cut it for me, I’ve never been able to use one. Beside’s what happens when your phone falls in the toilet or off a cliff and you lose it all??

Surprisingly I haven’t had an address book in I don’t know how long, so I started using one myself. It was starting to get old asking the same people for their address every couple of months…


I’ve confirmed some dates for a workshop this month:

Friday Feb. 21st 5-9pm

We’ll be making a cloth covered double pamphlet notebooks with recycled paper. Here’s what it looks like:


Cost of the workshop is $35 plus a $25 materials fee. Everyone will leave with at least one book, instructions to make more and a belly full of home made baked goods.

The workshop will be held at the fabulous Plan B Merchants Co-Op on Gottingen St.

Send an email to mulemotherbooks@gmail.com, visit the Mule Mother Books Facebook page or call (902)478-9843 to sign up.

Spaces are limited, so sign up now!

( poster coming soon 🙂


twenty fourteen

I have been such a slacker…

so many things have happened and it’s gotten to that point where I don’t even know where to begin…

Let’s start with the most recent news:

This weekend in Dartmouth, NS at the lovely Two If By Sea cafe, Halifax Crafters Society is rocking its second Pop-Up Market. Here’s the poster:


I’ll have some special DIY Love Kits on hand to help spice up your next lazy Sunday afternoon with your sweetheart.

DIYloveKITpromoThe last market in September was great, if you’re in the area be sure to stop by for a cup o joe and some incredible crafts.

It’s already February!

The holiday season was really hectic this year. It took me a bit by surprise but was really great and also really exhausting. The NSDCC Holiday Show was super and also the biggest market Mule Mother has ever done. There were thousands of people through the door throughout the weekend and I met so many lovely folks and talented craftspeople. All I could think of was what I was going to do for next year (well, this year) which is exciting… I’m really into getting rid of the table and making the space more comfortable and library/ living room like…

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Two weeks after the NSDCC Show was the Halifax Crafters Holiday Market. Always a blast, there was a record number of people through the door on the first day (something like 8 or 900 more people than last year) and as usual, the place was filled with a lot of really lovely folks.

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After that, custom orders were flowing in and I took part in another show in Onanole, Manitoba at my partner’s folks’ house. Sue, my mother-in-law, is a most incredible potter. She organizes a holiday sale every year along with her best friend Bev, and insanely talented textile artist. This year featured Crocheted wearables by Olivia Wintrhop, Kunai Kids Klothing by Tusa Rosebud, and Honey & Candles by Raven Creek Farm. I wasn’t able to make it out in time for the sale but for a tiny town in the middle of winter, they got a ton of visitors!  Go ahead and have a look at Sue Davar’s work here and Kunai Kids Klothing here. Here’s a peek of what the sale looked like:


Ok, that’s it for now… next time- new packaging (ooo!), some new products and workshop dates!!