shows & news

I am up bright and early getting the last bit of things done before I head down to the Cunard Centre to set up for this years NSDCC Christmas show… Here’s the poster!:


This will be my first time taking part in the Christmas Show and I am thrilled to be there this year. If the summer show was any indication, this is going to be a really fantastic weekend! Looking forward to being blown away by the NSDCC members work and reconnecting with some buds I met in the summertime. Not to mention those amazing volunteers! They are pretty spectacular.

A bit of business news:

Mule Mother Books has been approved for funding through the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF)! I have painstakingly spent the last few months working on my first business plan and I had never read sweeter words than those that the program officer had sent me after I submitted my plan. “… it was very detailed and I have rarely seen one with that much precision in the information given, well done!”  I was pretty flabbergasted… and proud of myself, a feeling I don’t often allow to come to the surface. But this time, I’m giving myself a pat on the back because I have worked so hard to make and grow this business despite all the negative thoughts, lack of funds, tiny spaces, back aches and whatever else… I am awesome. ok that’s enough of that.

Anyways, this funding is going to make a huge difference in operations and I am feeling super confident about the next year… hooray!