My super guy, fat cat and I are getting out of this tiny spot we’ve called home for the last 3 years ( although I’ve lived in this building for 5 on and off…!) and moving a mere block away to a gorgeous new place where we might just stay put for a few years. This means packing up the studio and moving it on into the new place…


The cleanest it has ever been in here:


So I’ll be shutting down till October 8th then back in action for the Halifax Pop Expo! See you then dudes…

paring down

I’ve been trying to pare down the different variety of books I make in the last few months and in the process have come up with some a few new books (seems counterintuitive, I know….) and got rid of a few others…

For starters, I’ve started making some simple fabric covered perfect bound books. They are super useful and really low commitment. Nice enough that you like calling it your own, but not intimidating to use and mark up with notes. These books have Dur-O-Tone Brown Wrap Paper  from the French Paper Company for the text paper, a little darker than the standard  Dur-O-Tone Aged Newspaper that I use in most of my books. Both are wonderful 100% recycled papers that are lovely to write and draw on, but for these notebooks, I think the brown works perfect. (Also I love that paper and I’ve been wanting to use it on the regular!) So here’s those Perfect Notebooks I’ve been blabbing about…


The next newest style of Mule Mother Book takes a bit more commitment, is a bit more serious, but is still really simple. The Two-Subject Notebook is covered in leather and keeps you organized with two separate sections to compile your notes into. The pages open flatter than any other book so it’s really comfortable to use.


This next book I am really excited about, as I have been wanting to design one forever. Popping up this holiday season will be one of a kind 2014 Planners! I’ve been working away on the layout and I am just putting the final touches on. 2014 Planner will be available in fabric or cloth bound or leather bound. I’ve also been working on something very awesome incorporating the Two-Subject Notebook and the 2014 Planners… Stay tuned…


The last thing, I’ve kind of just made better, it’s nothing new to Mule Mother, but it’s a crowd fave and it deserved to be better! I’ve re designed the Miniature Books ever-so-slightly and I think they’ve finally reached where they need to be… I plan on making hundreds this holiday season, so they will surely be mastered by New Years…


So, these were just a few highlights of good things to come.  Mule Mother will be next out for the Halifax Pop Explosion Pop Expo record, zine and craft fair in late October. Here’s the poster:


one more thing…

I am moving at the end of this week to a block away into an absolutely beautiful (really, it’s amazing… ) new apartment with my partner and cat, which also means I’ll be packing up Mule Mother for about 2 weeks or so while I move studios and re-organize. Will still be answering emails and such when I can, but will for the most part be shut down.  Will post some photos as soon as I can of the new digs!

flute practice book repair

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a bit now! Finally getting to it…

I did this repair recently for a fellow named Henri I met at a craft sale in the summertime. The book was used for practicing the flute and was getting a bit difficult to use since the pages were coming out. From just looking at it, I assumed the book was sewn, but it was actually perfect bound (not sewn, just glued together) ! Derp…which makes it quicker to fix but is a binding that just doesn’t last as long as a sewn binding (10’s of years as opposed to 100’s I’d say…)


For some reason, when I see a hard cover and headband, I immediately think it’s a sewn binding… But if you look really close you’ll see that the pages aren’t arranged into signatures. Sneaky….

Anywho, I snapped a few images in the process. I love this kind of repair because Henri was interested in having the whole book be redone with a bit of leather and book cloth.

So here is the book before the repair.





That last image is the sticker of the last bindery who repaired the book a few years ago. When I got to taking the book apart, I started to wonder what kind of glue they used because it was really easy to pull some parts off, like the strip that covered the spine. Once I realized it was actually perfect bound, I decided I’d gently tear all the pages out, one by one, and then re-bind it it from scratch. The pages were also really easy to just pull off…

So I started initially by pulling the text block away from the cover by cutting the end papers close to the spine and detaching it.



Then I pulled that strip off the spine and started detaching the pages one by one…




Here is where I frustratingly stopped taking process shots… But my next step was to arrange the pages together as evenly as possible into a clamp and re-glued it. I gave it a good 3 layers of glue before glueing some mull and then a strip of mulberry paper on top. Next I used the handiest of little tools, a micro spatula  (which I just broke!) to scrape all the excess paper off the covers and the sanded down what I couldn’t scrape so that it would be flush when I attached the new end papers.

Henri chose some really great materials and left me to surprise him with the end papers. Here’s what I came up with…




IMG_0717 copy

Should give him at least another decade of use! (and hopefully more than that)

After this, Henri commissioned me to make some paper portfolios with some GORGEOUS marble papers he found and some really amazing leather.  Will make a post about it once I’ve finished them!


Recently, my friend Marc of Old Birch Workshop and I did a journal collaboration for a gal who wanted a leather journal for her boyfriend who was embarking on a trip out west.  With our powers combined, we whipped up this lovely little travel journal fitted with the fella’s name and a compass acetone transferred onto the leather… I think it came out pretty sweet!







You should do yourself a favour and check out some of Marc’s leather work!

This is the collar he just made for my cat… ❤

IMG_20130906_125053_1 IMG_20130906_125211_1