el verano

It’s literally the same thing every year, every season. It’s almost August and I feel like the whole summer has just been passing me by. Then I stop to think about all the things that have been going on or have happened and I realize that I’ve been so busy that no wonder time is just flying on by…. Still, I think I need to be spending more time in bodies of water and around campfires.

nsdcc summer show

So, the biggest event that’s taken place in the last few weeks was the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council’s Summer Show. This was my first NSDCC event as a member and I have to say, it was pretty fantastic.  For three days every summer, the NSDCC sets up a bunch of tents and invites their members to come show the public what their all about. Ceramicists, woodworkers, textile artists, visual artists, designers and more come from all over the province with beautiful displays and set ups. I was really inspired, not just by the work itself, but by the displays that some folks put together. I try to change up my display throughout the day and then completely change it from day to day, but I definitely had the gears working away thinking about some kind of structure I can build… I left this weekend with lots of things to work on/work out/make better (too many things) for the holiday craft season.

Here are a few shots from the weekend I took with my phone:








And here’s my table:


∞recycled packaging∞

I changed up my packing a bit for this show also. I have been meaning to put some effort into this for a while and eventually I am going to have to redesign everything about Mule Mother to make it a bit more cohesive. This is always the way I go about things though. Eventually, Mule Mother will evolve into its perfect self. Until then, here’s some newer, simpler, still totally recycled packaging me and Naryn came up with that’s starting to head into the right direction…


Instead of writing a description on each and every tag, I’ve started to identify the different kinds of books I make, separate them into different categories and write a general description. The description lettering is acetone transferred on and the “Mule Mother Books” on the front is a stamp.  Since I use so many different types of materials, it’s a bit difficult to keep up with labelling so extensively. This is much more simple and probably a lot more professional looking than what I had going on before.


2013-02-24 17.07.40

Those tags would pull at the paper strip and rip it so I’d have to keep taking the packaging on and off so much. As much as I liked using the leather strips, they just weren’t working for me.

I have some really great custom books I’ve just finished and some more on the go, but I’ll save that for the next post!

Author: mulemotherbooks

I own and operate Mule Mother Books- an independent bookbindery specializing in handmade multi purpose books that make life a little more organized. In addition I also do limited edition custom publishing, teach book making workshops and do book repair in my home studio in the North End of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Aside from my full time bookbinding gig, I am a full time momma and part time house cleaner, and as if all this did not keep my busy enough, I also love some good ole home fermentation, making art, diddling stringed instruments and singing a tune... Once upon a time I trained as a jazz vocalist and still thoroughly enjoy busting out my pipes from time to time when the spirit moves me.

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