the beauty of antique photo

Sometimes I love the print on the back of an antique studio portait as much as I love the photograph itself. This one is so incredibly beautiful! For a while I wasn’t reinforcing the images on a stronger board because I didn’t want to have to cover the gorgeous designs on the back of some of the portraits. This meant though that the cover wasn’t as strong as the back of the book and I like to build books that will survive anything (except water and, I don’t know, a wild animal… there’s nothing I can do about that… for now). I’ve managed to separate some of the photos in half so I can use the front and the back as the front and back of a book… But this is kind of super hard and I can only pull it off sometimes without ruining the photograph. Trying to figure out how to use both sides of the images while maintaining the structure of the book and using the original image… 

This is a book I managed to split:


And here’s another beautiful studio logo: