all the things you never knew you needed a blank book for

I often hear people say that they have a pile of blank books at they’ve collected over time they thought were nice and pretty and that they’ve never really used because they didn’t know what to write in it.

To these folks I present a (truncated) list of possible, and valuable, uses for a blank book. Alongside are some examples from Mule Mother Books:

  • journal
  • sketchbook
  • recipe book
  • wedding planner
  • dream diary (something to write down all those weird dreams you have)
  • songwriters book
  • DIY daily planner
  • one place for all your to do lists (so you can look back and see that thing that pops up in every list and never gets done)
  • class notebook and/ or penmanship practice (which is not taught in schools much anymore unfortunately)
  • DIY daily planner
  • a penpal book… keep snail mail alive and send a blank book back and forth to your penpal to fill up over time
  • scrapbooks- super family fun: collaborative scrap-booking makes for nifty family heirlooms or gifts for the grandfolks…
  • garden log- keep track of all your herbs and veggies, keep a record of them over time
  • fermentation journal… keep tabs on your fermented foods; what works best, chart fermenting times, good fermenting recipes
  • flower press book (the garden book would also make a nice flower press book)
  • coffee table conversation piece
  • travel journal

and old school address book.. for when your phone battery dies.

This is all I can think of off the top of my head… Please feel free to add suggestions