Springtime can kill you

… If you and your partner run full time small businesses from home, have a toddler not in daycare and want to do any kind of self care, spring cleaning, sleeping, etc. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ( I don’t actually believe that…) and perhaps I am finally finding a groove here!?  (Or is it just that I am presently over caffeinated? Who knows…) 

Naryn and I have joined forces and moved into sharing a studio. His “office” was in our bedroom which meant he couldn’t work while Maple slept and it’s just shitty having your work space staring at you when you wake up in the morning… Working from home is tricky enough! It’s made my space way more efficient actually and I kinda wish we set this up a long time ago… 

This of course triggered rearranging the rest of the house, which is mostly done and there are but a few things left on the spring cleaning list…!

The beginning of this month started  with the Halifax Crafters Spring show. I think this was my fifth year participating and as usual it exceeded expectations and made me want to spend all my money. My booth was set up next to the fabulous Yolande Clark whose blog Bauhaus Wife I’ve followed since I was pregnant with Maple. It was swell to get to meet her and her son and chat a wee bit throughout the weekend. Here are a few pics:

Aside from the show I have been swamped with Polaroid Guest Book orders! I’m so excited to see how these are taking off and I can’t wait to see more used guest books with all the pics and messages filled in… Nothing makes me happier.

Here are a few that I’ve done recently:

Next weekend I’ll be selling at a Happy Hour Market (best kind) at the Company House on Gottingen. It’s going to be a great selection of craftspeople, definitely pop in and check it on your way out for the night! Here’s the FB event:


Yet another post- hiatus blog post

WHOA Murphy…

I thought I’d wait to the exact date a year after my last post but the spirit moved me and I thought it was high time I update this puppy. I’d been trying to get together a website and was devoting too much mental energy and not enough physical energy to it, all the while reasoning that I’d write a new blog post once the website was all together. Life is ever hectic, my friends…

Anyways, here we are. The website is looking good (check it hereand I’m buckling down with a glass of scotch on a Tuesday night (thank you Sue & Celes!!) to write this here post.


First some new new new news: I’m getting interviewed by the Chronicle Herald tomorrow for an article on craftspeople in Nova Scotia. That’s all I really know, will attach a link once I get it.


Wedding season is upon us and one of this years most popular things (in the wedding book world anyways) is a Polaroid Guest Book. I made one for the lovely Jillian at Make Merry Events and she featured it on their blog back in October 2014 (has it been that long?). Have a look at their blog hereBelow are a few that I’ve done in the past few weeks and if you’re interested in getting a book made, have a look in the Etsy shop wedding section here

In other wedding news, I’ve signed on to become a featured vendor on the wedding planning site Emmaline Bride this month. The site has been around since 2009 and has a ton of wedding ideas that cover absolutely any aspect you can imagine. If you’re planning a wedding, I would suggest hitting them up!


I finally finished my wholesale catalog this year. After the holiday rush I got down to it and am in the process of releasing a summer catalog. Send an email if you’re interested in taking a look. I have a PDF version or (for folks in Canada only!) I can mail you a hard copy.

Mule Mother Books can be found in 3 locations here in Nova Scotia, Sweet Brier Boutique, The Independent Mercantile and Made in the Maritimes.


This year I’ve started working with the fabulous duo Topher and Rae of Topher and Rae Studios making large format photo albums for their clients event photography. These books are some of my favourite projects because I get to be a tiny part of the story. It’s been fun finding materials that fit with the photo sets and the luscious images are such a nice change of pace to work with as typically I’m making something blank or with a repetitive template.

If you need a photographer I would highly recommend these two! They are both incredibly easy going and sweet, and their work is dynamic, candid and simply beautiful.

Here are some of the books I’ve done so far:


One last thing before I sign off for another year (just kidding):

I am honoured to announce that I’ll be coming back for my 5th Halifax Crafters Society Spring show this month! The line up is fantastic and I’m xcited to be back amongst some incredible makers… This show is always a blast, you don’t want to miss it if you’re around! They’re also always looking for volunteers so hit them up if you’d like to participate.


Post hiatus post haste blog post

I’m not even sure that title makes sense…
Ooofff  definitely my longest blog dry spell. I did three posts in September! Geesh, what a go-getter I was.
Here’s a list of all the things that have happened since my last post…

1. Halifax Crafters Winter Market – always so much fun. Maple’s second show at a whopping 4 weeks old. Fun was had by all.




2. Holidays with both my family and my partners family. The Davar/ Listons meet the Murphy/ Papierski’s (minus my biggest bro…) !image

(family walk on Citadel hill)

3. My partners grandfather passed away. Very sad and right before he could meet his great granddaughter. Death is always a shocker no matter how old you are. The silver lining was being able to see family again so soon after the holidays (a rarity unfortunately) and having Maple meet her great-grandmum who was over the moon hanging out with this little squirt.

2015-01-18 16.43.44

4. So much snow. SO MUCH SNOW





5. Also ice… Ice everywhere trapping us all in our homes for weeks and weeks…


6. Halifax Indie Wedding Social. My first ever and, although the weather was despicable, there was a great crowd, the other vendors were lovely and I’ve received a ton of custom wedding work since.



7. Halifax Crafters Spring Market! The sun even came out and the crowds beat out last year’s numbers in the first day. As always, a blast…



8. More snow, not as much but enough to piss everyone right off, just enough to crush their hopes of spring.

OK, a bit of a truncated list, but I’m doing this on my phone while Maple plays on the floor so, I’m just giving you the highlights (and I’m probably forgetting a lot…)

So here we are May!!
Gearing up for my very first East Coast Momma Collective show taking place tomorrow, May 2nd at St. Mary’s Boat Club. Looking forward to it and I think the sun might just be out!
Will also be stopping by another craft show this weekend, this time just as a customer. The Dartmouth Makers are hosting their first ever show at Kings Wharf this weekend and it looks like it’s going to be great. Admittedly I missed the boat on applying as I had already been accepted to the ECMC show and was strongly advised by friends who have done it not to do two shows in the same weekend while being a breastfeeding momma. So after some hemming and hawing, I’m feeling good about skipping out and just being able to go to a craft show with my family. (Also I hear there is a holiday show in the works so I’ll definitely hop on that one!)

Hooray! All caught up.

OK with any luck it won’t be 4 months till my next post…

Big changes and the NSDCC Christmas Market

Woo! It’s been a while, but I’ve been oh so busy… First off, I had a baby. Little Maple Lux came into our lives early in the morning on Saturday November 8th riding in on the tails of some beautifully cold air and bright sunshine. She’s without a doubt the coolest and most chill little creature I’ve ever met. Life is surprisingly the same but utterly different. Here we are writing this blog post with cheesy giddy smiles:

Photo on 2014-11-28 at 11.54 AM

Maple came along at a pretty crazy time, the height of the holiday craft show season. I pretty much finished my stock before her due date, but towards the end of my pregnancy, those last few weeks, I (as well as my partner) could not concentrate on a damn thing… So hard to stay focused, all we could do was go on long long walks and watch netflix… So I didn’t get everything done in time, BUT some magical grandma elves swooped in and saved the day! Both my mum and my partners mum arrived in Halifax right after Maple was born and whipped up all of my last minute tasks; making mini books, ornaments, building my set up and feeding us delicious food 🙂 Needless to say, I could not have pulled off last weekends NSDCC Christmas Market without these ladies and my wonderful partner.

Here is my mother in law pouring us all a much needed glass of wine and my mom working away at mini books:


2014-11-17 17.00.10


In the end, the show was fantastic! Maple was such a trooper, she pretty much rocked the entire 3 days all the while winning the hearts of everyone who saw her. So proud of this little one…

Here’s a slideshow of the event..


Actually made an effort to go around and snap some photos now that I had a crew working for me!

So getting all ready for this weekends Halifax Crafters Society’s Holiday Market! Three days this year in honour of its 10th anniversary. I do know they are on the lookout for some swell volunteers, so do get in touch if you want to be a part of the magic!



Etsy Made in Canada Pop Up – Halifax edition

This past weekend I took part in the Etsy Made in Canada Pop Up at the Halifax Forum and it was incredible! I had no idea what to expect and was so pleasantly surprised by pretty much all aspects of the show.  First off,  the organizers were amazing.  They did such a bang up job putting it all together and keeping it all organized. A HUGE thank you to Oh My Handmade , Silver Lily Jewelry and all the rest of the volunteers and shops that made this all happen !
Secondly,  it was great to see and meet some of the local sellers that I’ve only seen online. It made me realize how big the craft community is in this province,  it’s really impressive and makes you really proud to be part of such a talented community.
And lastly,  holy cow there were so many people who showed up! The line up before we opened wrapped around the building. We were immediately flooded and busy pretty much the whole time. It was amazing.
I think the response all around,  from vendor and customer alike,  was super positive and I’m pretty sure from reading some reviews from the rest of the Made in Canada pop ups that this will no doubt happen again.
Here are a few pics I took with my handy dandy little phone…




Fabric Bookmaking Workshop

I had a fabulous Sunday hanging out with some ladies and making fabric books. Patch Halifax is such a lovely place to have a workshop! The space is open and bright with a steady flow of people and good music playing in the background. If you haven’t been in yet,  definitely do.  Owner Chris Pasquet is awesome and she’s got herself a sweet little fabric shop.
Here are a few photos from the afternoon. (taken on my phone… they looked so much better on my little screen!)






I’m looking forward to attending a workshop myself. I have a beautiful vintage sewing machine and I don’t even really know how to use it. Check out their class list here if you haven’t already.  There are a ton of classes and more to come!

So just getting ready for Etsy’s Made in Canada pop-up shop at the end of this month… It’s going to be amazing, September 27th at the Halifax Forum… Don’t miss out, it’s a one day only show!

tricky fixes

This past week I had a very interesting request for a wedding guest book on the fly. They asked me to bind a children’s book the groom had written a few years back that would serve as their guest book. They decided on a Japanese stab binding and some lovely book cloth, but the process was a bit tricky so I had to get crafty fixing this bugger up. The loose pages they provided me with came from the proofer and were pretty roughly cut, not leaving a whole lot of room for the spine space that stab bindings require. After carefully trimming the pages down, I decided to add little extenders to each page with some white acid free paper. I feel like I’ve done this before, this same fix up, and then realized that there is a bulk where the original pages overlap with the extenders. To solve this problem I glued in some spacers so that the spine thickness would be even throughout. I left it a bit rough because I liked how it looked rather than attempting to make it all flush and having it be not quite so (what I wouldn’t give for a nice big stack cutter!). I think it came out really sweet looking and the bride told me it was a hit which made me very happy. Here are a few images I snapped of the process…


I love projects like this, so sentimental, practical, functional and a bit of a challenge.

So aside from a few project I have on the go in the next few weeks, including another miniature leather bound book with author Meghan Marentette (!!), I’m just getting ready for this weekends workshop at Patch Halifax and then the Etsy Made in Canada show on the 27th at the Forum. Still need to get my applications together for the Halifax Crafters Holiday show, a 3 day event this year to celebrate 10 years of the HFX Crafters (hot damn!) and the NSDCC Christmas show. Life is pretty bonkers at the moment, only to get far far crazier… My goal is to have all my holiday show stuff ready by mid-October so I can spend the (hopefully?) two weeks before this baby arrives (please be on time little bean….) getting cozy and doing random things around the house like organizing the junk drawer and baking and cooking like a crazy person. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… but a girl can dream, right?